Our Cuisine

Cooking to satisfy two unique and distinct cultures is an art, Nyonya cooking demands a mother’s love in efforts and constant tweaking of each ingredient’s proportion to ensure the perfect taste. At INDOCAFÉ - the white house, this spirit is endured through time as we continually evolve and tweak the recipes in consideration for our current generation and your palate.

While infusing a contemporary touch, fresh spices and fundamental ingredients and cooking skills are still well applied in our cuisine.

At INDOCAFÉ - the white house, fresh spices are ground using the traditional pestle and mortar, bringing out the fragrance and homely touch in all our dishes that leaves you wanting for more all the time!

Nyonya cooking revolves among many ingredient types and coconut milk is one that cannot be missed. It’s rich and flavourful fragrance finds its way home to both savoury and sweet dishes in our Classic Penang Otah, Pulot Hitam and our Home Recipe Bubur Cha Cha!